Anchored Fitness, my second home in CT! Not just because I am there every day, but because this community is my health and strength mentor network. The energy and support is contagious! AF is not just a place to show up for an hour to check off "exercise" from your daily or weekly to do list. It is a safe haven for all fitness levels where improvements of all increments are noticed and celebrated. Realizing your own strength and the growth of your newfound community members is so much fun and so unique, but when spending at least 365 hours of the year at AF, this place is ideal. Coach Trevor concocts workouts for everyone to challenge themselves, become stronger and leaner, and transform to a healthier lifestyle. Dr. Meaghan thoughtfully plans stretch sessions to help us be more mobile with every day movements to stay injury-free and achieve the most from our training. All of this is part of AF membership AND a nutrition plan (and consistent feedback!) that matches each members goals and daily lifestyle! I have been training with Coach Trevor for almost 3 years. During this time, I have developed special friendships, participated in community events to support local youth and needy families, learned so much about my strength potential and my metabolism, and gained confidence to train and compete in powerlifting! For anyone looking to have fun and improve their health in an always encouraging environment from two individuals who consistently provide undivided attention, there is no place like home.