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A movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control, flexibility and USABLE ranges of motion.
In this session you will be strengthening your muscles and maximizing your joint control throughout its available range of motion. While it may be a challenging class, it can be modified for everyone and everyone can benefit from these sessions. Every session begins with the morning routine which is made up of CARs (controlled articular rotations) throughout every major joint in the body. You will be challenged to perform movements from any of the main base positions including; squat, figure-four, bear, and hip 90/90.

Group Strength and Conditioning

Strength training sessions are offered Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. In these 50 minute sessions, you will start with a full body warm up that incorporates mobility, activation, and movement prep for the daily workout. Following the warm-up the session will be focused around one main strength movement with complimentary assistance exercises. All strength sessions are full body and will address different aspects of health and fitness.

On Tuesday’s, Thursday's, and Saturday’s, the sessions are composed of mainly conditioning based movements. Again, the 50 minute sessions will begin with a full body warm-up to prepare for the daily workout. Conditioning sessions will be comprised of a mix between power, agility, endurance, stability, and core exercises.

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Unlimited - $159

Attend as many sessions as you want within a month.

12 Sessions/Month - $139

12 sessions to use each month.

8 Sessions/Month - $119

8 sessions to use each month.

Trial Month - $50

Attend as many sessions as you would like in your first month.

Drop in - $20